feeling guilty…

…for (most of) the frustration I’ve felt since I came to Uganda, re: what I’ve called the “absolute lack of literature in this country.”

There have been times when I would have killed (well…maimed, perhaps. Or at least complained, loudly and prolongedly) for a single good novel that wasn’t airmailed from the States. A good, browseable bookstore? In a city of 1.5 million people, there’s only one. I had almost come to the conclusion that, for most Ugandans, reading anything but the newspaper was anathema.

As is becoming the pattern this week, I was sorely mistaken.

My immense thanks to Baz for pointing me to mataachi inc. The writing on this blog is beyond exceptional — as Baz says, it’s incandescent. An even bigger plus? Mataachi’s profile lists both Yeats and Gogol among his favorite authors.

Long, happy, contented sigh.

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