I didn’t think you were white

More Happy Hour pictures
More Happy Hour pictures

The topics of conversation at Thursday night’s Inaugural Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour ranged from cell phones to Alice Lakwena to the transvestitical possibilities of Philip Seymour Hoffman. The Jabberwocky was recited, blogging addictions were confessed, heaven was declared to be just like North Korea, and the Ugandan blogosphere gained a fanboy. Also, we unanimously agreed that Inktus is hot.

We came together to discuss the issues circulating among our blogs and throughout the country, to put faces with names, and to enjoy a few drinks with our fellow geeks. I’d like to think we all got something special from our exchange — I came home with multiple offers of free jackfruit and the shocked insistence of many of my co-bloggers that I couldn’t be Jackfruity because I’m too white. No fewer than three of my blogging compatriots were convinced, based on this blog, that I was black — “too black,” according to one.

Does someone want to explain this to me? I write about being a white woman in Kampala and complain about being called a mzungu. Do I need some sort of disclaimer that heads every page? Caution: you are reading the blog of a (pale) white female from Kansas.

All told, the happy hour was an immense success. In the words of Josh, who gave a rousing speech to commemorate the first of what I hope will be many blogfests: The goal is to increase the level of debate in this country, but at least now we can all make fun of each other and hang out.

Inaugural Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour Guestlist
Colin (still waiting for his first post…)
Dennis Matanda
Ivan (200 Coin has Fish)
Jared (it’s not a blog, it’s an “online journal”)
Josh (In an African Minute)
Rebekah (Jackfruity)
Revence (Dying Communist)

Non-bloggers in attendance

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