2006 Uganda Best of Blogs

Nominations for the Uganda Best of Blog awards are in. Voting will take place between now and midnight on Saturday, March 10. Awards will be presented at the Happy Hour on Thursday, March 15. Vote, tell your friends to vote, and check back to see how your choices are doing.

Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations. Some categories didn’t get enough nominations, so I’ve eliminated the in Uganda/out of Uganda distinction and combined those nominations with the Blog of the Year category, expanding the choices from 5 to 8 to accomodate everyone who got more than one shout-out. Congratulations to the nominees!

All nominations are in alphabetical order. Here goes….

Voting for the 2006 Uganda Best of Blogs is now closed. Come to Happy Hour on Thursday, March 15 at 6:30 PM at Mateo’s for the awards.

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