Danes, blogquestions and pork: April UBHH

I showed up a little late to last night’s Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour, but I didn’t have much trouble finding our table — the four Danish girls with the video camera were a pretty good giveaway. It was great to meet Kirstine, Maria, Sara and Annette, and I hope they keep blogging when they get back to Copenhagen — I want to know what happens with the documentary.

Dante and I had an intriguing conversation about blogging, anonymity and the effect that UBHH is having on the Ugandan blogger community. He theorized earlier that posting drops off after the happy hours because we’ve talked about everything and don’t have anything left to write about (I maintain that my slacking last month was parasite-related). This brought up a discussion about the plethora of blog types — personal, political, social commentary, topical, photography, design — and how people choose to reveal a certain level of information about themselves on their blogs, keeping different audiences in mind.

I’d be interested to know what other bloggers think about UBHH and what it’s done to blogging in Uganda. Was the online community that existed before UBHH enough, or do you like meeting up in person? Do you hang out with people you’ve met at happy hour outside of UBHH? Do you blog differently — more, less, or about different things — now that you’ve seen some of the people who read what you write? For those of you who don’t come (I’m specifically thinking of Iwaya and Minty), was your decision based solely on a desire for anonymity, or were there other factors? For those of you who blog under your real names (Baz, Pernille and Dennis come to mind), do you ever worry about the effect blogging may have on your personal life?

For those of you who like UBHH, good news: Ugandan bloggers are getting together twice this weekend, once for a trip to Jinja for whitewater rafting and bungee jumping (Carlo and Ivan are planning this and should have details) and once for pork.

Yeah, pork. A certain blogger who prefers to remain anonymous would like to invite you all to fraternize over roast pig this Sunday between 4:00 and 8:00 PM at Joglo’s, a restaurant in Naalya, which is just past Ntinda. (S)he asks that you RSVP to 0752737377 and assures you that chicken and fish will be available for the non-pork-friendly.

I came home with twenty blogs on my list, but I counted around 25 people. Are the blogren picking up groupies?

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