jackfruit of the week: 2007.05.29

Writing for the Daily Monitor, Lucy Hannan has a chilling account of life inside a Lord’s Resistance Army camp in the DRC: “Unlike former abductees who have horrific tales of escape and fear, or children who have been murdered and tortured in the bush, these are the kids who will kill for the mystical, militarised cult.”

Country Boyi wonders what would happen if Ugandans blogged in local languages. All of the Ugandan blogs I’ve found so far have been in English — why is that? Is there a whole sector of the blogren I’m missing?

Owera responds to recent controversy over whether or not bloggers are afforded the same legal protection as journalists: “I am not a journalist. I am a blogger. I blog. I run an online diary. Period.” (Particularly interesting is the AP article he quotes, in which a blogger is defined as “some hack who offers half-baked commentary on the news of the day.”)

The news is already out, but I’m taking over from Josh as the Global Voices Uganda Author. My first post, “Self-reflection and the search for meaning in the Ugandan blogosphere,” was published on May 17, and you can keep track of my biweekly blogren roundups here.

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