Mulago Hospital

On Tuesday morning I took my students to the Mulago National Referral Hospital, a free, government-run hospital in Kampala. You can read about the visit on the GYPA blog, but I think Jasmine gives a more accurate picture:

“have you seen the nurse?”

that’s a question you will hear alot in mulago hospital. especially after 1am. i had to ask too. on a whole other floor, in a different year.

you walk/run to the nurse’s room/station only to find no one, then you go round the whole floor. knocking on the doors of each room asking ‘have you seen the nurse?’

if you are lucky, you will find her in one of the rooms. if you are not, like i was, you’ll run back to your room, check on your patient, then try the nurse’s room again.maybe she’d have come back.

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