Economist, dethroned

Originally posted October 25

EDIT: They apologized. “Freelance journalist in Uganda,” you should be ashamed.

In Uganda I held the Economist as the Holy Grail of Western media. I had a friend who had somehow connived his way into a free transfer of his subscription, and Post Office Mondays were better than weekends because I knew I would find the magazine cradled in the box like a gift from the heavens. The Economist could do no wrong.

Until now, with their article on Iraq and Uganda.

I don’t take issue with the content, and I think it’s great that they’re spreading the reporting love around. Only it’s not exactly reporting, is it, to rip all your information from a Daily Monitor article written two months ago.

Imitation is supposedly the highest form of flattery, in which case David Herbert should be thrilled, but if I were him I’d be composing a very angry SIR— right about now.

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