jackfruit of the week (09.25.08)

These gigantic jackfruits are… gigantic. Hat tip: Jillian York.

I’ve been reading a lot about ethnic conflict this week to prepare for two presentations I’m giving next month, but rather than quote something, I’d like to point you to two related links that came my way today:

Never Again in Sri Lanka is a set of video clips in English, Sinhala and Tamil that commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 1983 anti-Tamil riots in Sri Lanka. The videos were originally broadcast on Sri Lankan television and have been collected and preserved online as part of the effort to document the Sri Lankan civil war, one of the longest-running ethnic conflicts in the world. (Original link from GV: Sri Lanka: Anti-Tamil riot videos.)

Resolve Uganda is hosting a petition to President Bush, thanking him for meeting with President Museveni this week at the UN and asking him to continue to work for peace and justice in northern Uganda. The meeting and the petition are in response to a recent spate of LRA attacks in the Democratic Republic of Congo that have caused at least 75,000 people to flee. UNICEF is estimating that 90 children were abducted.

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