jackfruit of the week (10.29.08): the U.S. elections

In six days, Americans will be rid of George Bush.

I’m pausing to let that sink in. It Sounds. So. Good.

Elections haven’t always been a big thing for me. Eight years ago I failed the AP U.S. History test because my teacher spent an entire semester discussing hanging chads instead of Eisenhower and the Space Race. Four years ago I jumped on the Dean bandwagon, supported Kerry and almost stopped talking to my boyfriend, who voted for Bush. Unlike some more liberal friends of mine, though, I didn’t care enough to show up to class on November 5, 2004 wearing this shirt:

We’ve managed (albeit barely) to survive the past four years, and this time around, I’m paying attention. And it’s not just me — the entire world is paying attention:

Martin Perez lives in Parañaque, a suburb of Manila, an ocean and a few time zones from the United States. But when he gets up at 5 a.m. to get ready for work, the high school teacher goes online to read the latest news in the U.S. presidential race, study poll numbers, watch YouTube videos — and blog about the McCain-Obama showdown.

“The Election That Has the Whole World Blogging”, Washington Post

Contributing to the global symphony of opinions is The Morningside Post, which is hosting a liveblog of the election returns. From noon to midnight EST on November 4, visit the site to see running commentary from international affairs and public policy students at ten different universities worldwide, from São Paulo to Singapore.

Also: if you’re an American and you don’t vote, may all of these wishes come true for you.

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