Mamdani vs. Prendergast

Tonight Mahmood Mamdani and John Prendergast will fight to the death share a civil debate on the situation in Darfur, an event I’m hoping will end in hair-pulling and the shouting of epithets. I’ll be tweeting from the debate, and you can follow along below.

5 thoughts on “Mamdani vs. Prendergast”

  1. @tumwijuke It was a lot of punditry, that’s for sure. I didn’t walk away with a better sense of what’s happening in Darfur or what, if anything, the international community should do about it.

    And I agree: -100 for Prendergast’s failure to stand.

  2. So, did you actually learn anything you didn’t already know from the debate? It seems like they were regurgitating old arguments and nothing was really clarified … or was it?

    What a difference it would have made if someone actually involved in the conflict was on the debating panel! Mamdani and Prendergast (from my third-hand take on this debate) are merely ideologes.

    And on an irrelevancy, why, oh why didn’t Prendergast stand up? -100!

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