This Week I Learned (2016-07-06)

Juno, pasta, waterfalls, and the color “Fuzzy Wuzzy.”

How the amazing 780˚ montage in Hunt for the Wilderpeople was shot: “We hid all the actors beneath the camera and in the bushes. Each time we passed the camera by an actor, either an actor would pop up into frame or would run around the camera to take their place for another pass.”

Wikipedia has a list of the hex, HSV, and RGB values and official names for each Crayola crayon color (h/t Diana Kimball). My favorite color name is probably “Fuzzy Wuzzy,” but the scented (!) “Earthworm” is a close second.

Three pounds of pasta will feed 6 ultra runners, a mountain biker, and a hiker with enough left over to pack into a ziploc bag and use to make endless jokes about “the new hot endurance fuel” for the rest of the weekend.

Kaaterskill Falls (pronounced “Cat-erskill,” as in, the Catskills) is the tallest waterfall in New York, and worth the short hike to the swimming hole in the middle.

The excellent reason NASA named its Jupiter probe Juno (Juno was the Roman god Jupiter’s wife, and could use her goddess skills to blow away the cloud Jupiter tried to use to hide his extramarital dalliances—after whom planet-Jupiter’s moons are named). Also, Juno the probe is apparently carrying three Lego figurines.

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