ReactBoston 2017

The best of the tweets, plus a write-up for the Wayfair Engineering blog.

I spent the weekend at ReactBoston, soaking in more knowledge than I thought my brain could possibly hold about all things ReactJS. Wayfair hosted the conference, which in my completely biased opinion was awesome—as I told a coworker today, I feel lucky to work at a company where I feel encouraged to participate in the local tech community and supported in my desire to learn and grow as an engineer.

I went in on Saturday morning intending to liveblog each talk but was so completely engrossed (and so overwhelmed by the nonstop flow of quality content) that I abandoned that idea pretty quickly. I did write up a quick summary of the conference for the Wayfair Engineering blog, which covers some overall themes and a couple of mind-blowing highlights. To sum up: React Fiber (which was officially released yesterday!), GraphQL, surprises, and overall feelings of goodwill.

I tried to touch upon the biggest things, but I couldn’t squeeze all of my favorite moments, speakers, takeaways, or tweets into the post. Among the things that didn’t make it in, but were a huge (or hilarious, or both) part of the weekend for me:

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