The Jackfruit

jackfruit: This huge relative of the breadfruit and fig can weigh up to 100 pounds. Spiny and oval or oblong-shaped, the tropical jackfruit grows in parts of Africa, Brazil and Southeast Asia. When green, both its flesh and edible seeds are included in curried dishes. Ripe jackfruit has a bland, sweet flavor and is generally used for desserts. In the United States, jackfruit is only available canned.

The jackfruit is the largest tree-born fruit in the world.
It is the national fruit of Bangladesh and Indonesia.
— Wikipedia: Jackfruit

“The jackfruit is unbelievably ugly and bad tasting. It looks exactly like sheep intestines turned inside out like stuffed tripe. It has a cloyingly sweet taste. Inside it has seeds like hazelnuts that mostly resemble dates, but these seeds are round, not long. The flesh of these seeds, which is what is eaten, is softer than dates. It is sticky, and for that reason some people grease their hands and mouths before eating it. The fruit is said to grow on the branches, the trunk, and the roots of the tree and looks like stuffed tripe hung all over the tree.”
— Mughal Emperor Babar, 16th century

jackfruit is soft
jackfruit is tender
jackfruit is monoecious
jackfruit is mildly hardy
jackfruit is not available
jackfruit is an edible large pear
jackfruit is a really weird plant
jackfruit is an online publication
jackfruit is a good source of calcium
jackfruit is the shape of a large melon
jackfruit is commonly propagated by seed
jackfruit is one of the early monsoon fruits
jackfruit is enormous and has very thick skin
jackfruit is considerably attacked by fruit fly
jackfruit is considered inferior to the breadfruit
jackfruit is now available as a “snack” in stockholm
jackfruit is made into a variety of tempting beverages
jackfruit is impressive enough to deserve a link all its own
jackfruit is described as a spiny large fruit with bad fragrance
jackfruit is best served as an appetizer in a large bowl with ice cubes
jackfruit is available at several carribean restaurants in south florida