March UBHH: Awards & More

Last week’s Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour was, on my part, a bit of a failure. I forgot to print out a sign, I advertised too little and too late, and when I left early (had crack-of-dawn bus ride the next day), I neglected to collect the sign-in sheet with everyone’s blog address on it.


Luckily, the geeky-chic members of the Ugandan blogosphere were all on their game. Carlo showed up with a full-color laminated poster, Colin and Dennis spread the word to Makerere, and some kindly as-yet-to-be-named blogger undoubtedly will have the 27th Comrade snagged the guest list and be is holding it in his or her possession, waiting for me to retrieve it (feel free to let me know who you are…).

Aside from all that, though, this was our best UBHH yet. More than 20 people came, including the heretofore elusive Baz.

Perhaps most importantly, we announced the winners of the 2006 Uganda Best of Blog Awards:

Uganda Blog of the Year: I Have Left Copenhagen for Uganda

Best Writing: Dear Mr. Mccourt (now Once Upon Ish)

Best Design: Living Zack’s Utopia

Best Photography: Locus Amoenus: Gulu, Northern Uganda

Best Post: mataachi inc.: Kim +10

The goal of the 2006 Uganda Best of Blog Awards was to recognize the incredible writing and art in this community, and all of our nominees are certainly emblematic of the talent that exists in the Ugandan blogosphere. Congratulations to the winners! I look forward to seeing everyone continue to express themselves through word, art, design and photography over the next year.

NOTE: If anyone has suggestions on categories or method for the 2007 awards, feel free to e-mail me or to leave them in the comments. Thanks!

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