o happy day, part two: september UBHH

The infamous 27th Comrade announced it. And then it happened:


So my curiosity did get the best of me right, blame in Sage for all the flack he gave it or the numerous bloggers who defended it. Well Kissyfur did show up at BHH. Mostly because I was going for rock night and needed to buy time before that and it sounded like a good idea. So yeah, I bribed Tandra with a Tyler Perry movie simply because I desperately needed to have somebody there that I atleast knew.


So anyways, got there abt 7.30 and interestingly enough i knew or had interacted with the majority there..isnt blogistan but an extension of ur life?? so i technically met Rev, ai, Dee, Carlo, Dante, the Baz (not the bee,mind), Liz and Heaven!.


I use a boda-boda to get to Mateos, known in some circles more appropriately as “that place where bloggers meet.” I attempt to keep my face non-smiling. I don’t want to give vendors the impression that we are buddies and they should offer me groundnuts. It’s my sod-off expression. Patented. Often imitated but never duplicated. Then I see two bloggers of the female persuasion.

Must. Not. Smile.

They see me as I try to stare down a pretty young thing that almost stepped on me. They smile.

Must. Fight. Smile.

One of them stands up. She seems taller than when last I saw her.

I yank the ear phones out of my, well, ears. That’s where they reside, isn’t it?

Smile Bad! Scowl Good!

She hugs me and my scowl leaves me. But not before saying, “Adios amigo, you’re weak. You give in way too easy!”

I’m counting around nine blogren, ten if you include Gay Uganda, who sort of showed. Mad props to him for doing so, especially in light of Monday’s debacle. Having the courage to make it to UBHH at all given Uganda’s current cultural climate makes you the Blogren Star of the Month in my book.

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