2007 Uganda Best of Blog Award Winners

A belated congratulations to the winners of the 2007 Uganda Best of Blogs awards:

Best Photography
Ugandan Insomniac for Arbitrary Beauty II

Best Design
Citizen Uganda

Best Writing
I Am Ernest Bazanye

Best Overseas Blog
Return of the Phoenix

Best Blog in Uganda
Ugandan Insomniac

Best Post
Ugandan Insomniac for Dilemma of a Gorgeous 30 Something

Uganda Blog of the Year — Tie
I Am Ernest Bazanye
Ugandan Insomniac

Last year I wrote:

The goal of the 2006 Uganda Best of Blog Awards was to recognize the incredible writing and art in this community, and all of our nominees are certainly emblematic of the talent that exists in the Ugandan blogosphere. Congratulations to the winners! I look forward to seeing everyone continue to express themselves through word, art, design and photography over the next year.

I wasn’t sure then if a second round of the BOBs would happen or if I would be around to see it. A huge round of applause goes to Dee for putting this year’s awards together.

Congratulations again to all who were nominated. I am honored to be a part of the blogren, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

P.S. The curious can check out the voting results at The Kampalan.

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