it’s just you: jackfruit of the week (11.30.08)

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For those of us who have spent long hours in front of blank computer screens, watching the empty status bar at the bottom of our browser windows, hoping to see a tiny increment of movement that would indicate our desired site was finally loading: wait no more.

A fellow GV-er has just sent out a list of three simples sites that will tell you whether it’s worth your time to keep anxiously biting your knuckles and hitting refresh:

Down for everyone or just me? will tell you whether everyone is having trouble accessing a site, or whether it’s just you. Blunt? Yes. Helpful? Absolutely.

Notify me when it’s up! and Ding It’s Up! both allow you to enter a URL and be notified when the site in question is operating again. Both sites will send an e-mail alert; Ding will text you or send an @reply on Twitter and also offers the option to be notified when a site goes down — a nice perk for web developers or site owners.

The sites were developed in response to the Twitter fail whale, but they clearly have a number of possible applications. Pretty snazzy.

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