jackfruit of the week (12.31.08), New Year’s Edition

Birthday jackfruit via Jill York. She notes that “it’s a disney world jackfruit, grown in epcot’s ‘living with the land.'”

I closed out 2006 with a list of predictions for 2007, including the death of Museveni from gout (still waiting) and the discovery of Salim Saleh’s closet shrine to Jay-Z (less probable, though not entirely impossible). Those were strange times.

I blogged less this year than in 2006 or 2007 (though I did provide you with some truly awe-inspiring Artocarpus heterophyllus), an unfortunate casualty of leaving Kampala for Kansas and, now, New York. I’m looking forward to landing at Entebbe Airport in five days, picking up a copy of the Daily Monitor and seeing what new venture the Aga Khan has planned in my absence.

Until then, I’m hesitant to predict anything. Instead, I offer hope for a swift end to the recent LRA uprising and apologies that I never got around to writing my reviews for the 2008 Africa Reading Challenge. May 2009 be a better year all around.

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