GV Nigeria: New Submarine Internet Cable Lands in Lagos

My next piece is up at Global Voices Online:

The arrival of the GLO-1 submarine cable in Lagos this weekend has West African bloggers excited. GLO-1 connects Nigeria and 13 other West African countries to the global telecommunications system via Europe, bringing new bandwidth to the region.

In late July, damage to the SAT-3 cable — which until last weekend was Nigeria’s only link to the global communications system — crippled bank services and Internet access throughout the country. Approximately 70 percent of the country’s bandwidth was affected.

According to the Chief Operating Officer of Globacom Limited, which financed the GLO-1 project, the new system will be able to meet all of Nigeria’s broadband needs for the next 15 to 20 years. Bloggers are looking forward to faster speeds and cheaper and more reliable access.

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