Stegosaurii No. 3 and 4

Stegosauruses? Stegosauriae?

Four down and one to go! I finished Number 3 under the watchful eyes of its recipient, who saw me working on it and proclaimed, “Is that my dinosaur? I think it’s for me because I love it so much.”

Excellent logic, kid, though the pressure may have gotten to me:

pink dino

I was able to squish the other foot on without too much trouble, so all is well.

pink dino

I wrapped up Number 4 on Wednesday, mere hours too late to make the cut-off for mailing it to my nephew in time for his birthday. (It’s on its way!)

teal dino

teal dino

I’m still struggling with the best way to sew on the plates: I’ve experimented with wrapping excess yarn around the base of the plate to add stability (and cover up awkward stitching), but I’m not sure this is best. I’ve read rumors of people on Ravelry who knit the feet and plates directly onto the body, which I haven’t yet had the gumption to try. I’ve already knit everything for Number 5, so experimentation along these lines will have to wait for another round of babies/birthdays (or requests from dinosaur-loving adults).

Pattern: Katie Boyette’s Dinosaur Jr. on Ravelry

My Ravelry notes are here: pink dino, teal dino

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