maybe nothing’s the matter with kansas after all

I admit it: I haven’t been paying much attention to U.S. politics since I left the States (I even had to steal this entry’s title from my friend Jack; the other choice was “Fade to Purple” from my local paper). That said, I’m exceedingly proud that Kansas (my staunchly conservative, heart-of-the-heartland home state) voted resoundingly Democrat in this week’s midterm elections. In celebration of this and of the Dem takeover of both the House and the Senate, I thought I’d avoid any sort of political commentary and post a series of romantically compromising pictures of George Bush instead. Isn’t he just loveable?

Bush and Condi

Bush and Kofi

Bush and Pelosi

Bush and Putin

Bush and Al (Sharpton, not Gore…in case you’re in need of clarification)

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