Lots of goodies this week. Commenting on them all would take more time than I have, but I want to put them out there for discussion:

  • Country Boi makes an excellent point in his comment on my post about blogging and anonymity. He’s right — blogging is self-publication, which means that you’re never entirely anonymous. Even if you blog under an assumed name and keep personal details off your site, you’re still putting your opinions in the public sphere. This gives anyone license to debate and reference these opinions and anything else you post using your pseudonym, which is exactly what Dennis did in his article — he didn’t connect anyone’s pseudonym with their real name if that name isn’t published in connection with the blog.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t take issue with some other things in the article, of which I’m only going to mention a few: The majority of bloggers do not use pseudonyms (in fact, only 28.7% do, while 92% reveal detailed personal information). Not all comment threads degenerate into snide blame-throwing. Above all: my name is not, nor has it ever been, Jack Fruity.

  • LeftVegDrunk has an brilliant post about obstacles to peace in Uganda. Go. Read. Comment.
  • There’s an all-female peacekeeping unit in Liberia (via Congogirl)
  • Uganda and Southern Sudan are signing a bilateral trade agreement. Way to through more fuel on the fire of the LRA’s complaints.
  • The Daily Monitor’s reporting that the UK planned to assassinate Amin at the 1977 CHOGM. Isn’t that old news?

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