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On Sunday I promised Josh I would “rake him over the coals” about Somalia. Am clearly a little behind. Here’s what’s been distracting me:

Scientists discover ‘natural barrier’ to HIV
(via Communist Socks & Boots)
Will the more medically-minded among you explain to me why no one but Yahoo and Web MD and some newspaper in China is talking about this? It seems like big, big news to me.

Jesus comes to Gulu
Best part of the article: “Reporters attending the scene sadly failed to confirm the sighting.” I can’t find anything online to verify this, but apparently there’s a pastor in Gulu who predicted a series of events for 2007, including the Jesus siting, an earthquake, a lunar eclipse and a plague of butterflies. He’s doing pretty good so far, I’d say.

Uganda’s courts closed down
Museveni’s Black Mambas pissed off the Judiciary when they tried to re-arrest several People’s Redemption Army suspects after they’d just been granted bail. The courts are on strike until they receive “an assurance from the government that there won’t be a re-occurrence of an armed invasion of courts.”

Somalia article coming soon.

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