Serious Research on the Internet

In the midst of some work-related research on blogs, I ran across this interesting factoid, courtesy of the Australian organization Caslon Analytics:

Researchers for the Oxford English Dictionary claimed in 2007 that “the 15 most frequently used words in the blogosphere” (presumably the Anglo part of the blogosphere) are –

  1. blogger
  2. blog
  3. stupid
  4. me
  5. myself
  6. my
  7. oh
  8. yeah
  9. ok
  10. post
  11. stuff
  12. lovely
  13. update
  14. nice
  15. [four letter word beginning with s]

I love my job.

1 thought on “Serious Research on the Internet”

  1. Now you’ve given those words an extra vote, each. Isn’t that like, totally, like, unfair, like? That is like the anti-Robinhood. (Reminds me: like, where is “like” on that list, like?)
    “Shit” deserves more hits; the Germanic word with the most bang, letter-for-letter.

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