#TEDxC: Session 2, Body

Brief lessons from session two of TEDxCambridge:

Put your feet on a desk. Amy Cuddy’s research shows that “power posing” for a few minutes before a job interview can boost confidence and help you make a better impression on others.

Be a vegan. Caldwell Esselstyn has proven that following a plant-based diet can help reverse heart disease.

Sharpen your pikes. John Sheffield argues passionately for a peasant revolution in genomics, imploring us to share our data and add to the network.

Smile. Ron Gutman declares that smiling makes us live longer.

Adapt. Adrian Anantawan uses a special prosthetic arm to hold his bow while he plays violin for the pope, teaches people with disabilities to play virtual musical instruments.

Exercise your right to your health information. Hugo Campos advocates for participatory medicine, in which networked patients are agents, not bystanders.

Track individual emotions for better design. Elliott Hedman uses physical sensors to monitor emotional responses to various experiences, including those of children with autism, to help inform designers who develop tools and services for various groups.

Share your health experiences. Ben Heywood founded Patients Like Me to help build community among people with similar health issues.

Use your body as an instrument. Percussionist Jerry Leake performs a polyrhythmic piece using his feet, hands, and voice.

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