#TEDxC: Session 3, We

Bits and pieces from the third session of TEDxCambridge:

tedxc_1 tedxc_2 tedxc_3

tedxc_4 tedxc_5 tedxc_6

tedxc_7 tedxc_8

  1. Michael Norton wants us to be more altruistic.
  2. Nadeem Mazen bridges the gap between imagination and creation.
  3. Sandy Pentland works to usher in a “new deal of data.”
  4. Jesus Gerena works to bring families out of poverty.
  5. Richard Wilkinson argues that economic inequality harms societies.
  6. Amitabh Chandra advocates for health care spending reform.
  7. Greg Epstein questions Robert Putnam’s assertion that religious people are better neighbors; claims community, rather than a specific religion, makes us better people.
  8. Iyeoka Okoawo has us make music together.

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