#TEDxC: Session 4, Beyond

Quotes from the last session of TEDxCambridge:

Nate Ball, beatboxer: “I want to know what moves you and what you have to let go of to keep moving.”

Scott Summit, prosthetic limb designer: “Our goal is to be unapologetically man-made.”

Dylan Polin and Dustin Bryant, freerunners: “When we see a wall, we don’t see an obstruction.”

George Church, geneticist: “We can identify a single human neuron that responds to Jennifer Aniston and not to other faces.”

Joshua Walters, bipolar comedian: “I could either deny my mental illness or embrace my mental skillness.”

Jeff Lieberman, polymath: “I’m a community of 50 trillion cells doing a magic dance.”

John Pak, advocate for disabled individuals: “I can teach you to use sound to navigate everything around you.”

Rachel Klein, Dave Sawyer, and Zach Ward, improv artists: “Whatever happens is meant to happen.” // “So you’ve got a $30k piece of equipment inside you, and it can only fax?” “Yeah.” “I bet Medicare paid for it.” // “Um. I saw that wall as…a wall.”

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