Dear Facebook: Uganda ≠ Joseph Kony

A friend and I just spent four days in Uganda, and I got an email today letting me know that she had put her photos from the trip up on Facebook.

She geotagged the album as taking place in Uganda, and when I clicked on the “Uganda” link, mistaking it for the album title…

…I was redirected here:

Once again, for those of you who missed it:

I clicked on:

and was redirected to:

Dear Facebook: WHAT THE FUCK.

(Also: 70,000 people “like” Kony on Facebook. WHAT DOES IT MEAN.)

UPDATE: As of Wednesday morning EST, this appears to be fixed. The country page for the United Kingdom, however, redirects to a page for the Britanica Summer Academy.

5 thoughts on “Dear Facebook: Uganda ≠ Joseph Kony”

  1. On a related note, did you know that two organizations are fighting over the new TLD of .Africa? And that the African Union was snubbed in its attempt at ownership? Also, an American company is angling for .Zulu – makes you wonder who should have the right/responsibility for such culturally iconic names.

    To that point, we’ll be debating .Africa ownership and if it will have any development impact on the continent at the next Technology Salon: RSVP if you can make it.

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