Danes, blogquestions and pork: April UBHH

I showed up a little late to last night’s Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour, but I didn’t have much trouble finding our table — the four Danish girls with the video camera were a pretty good giveaway. It was great to meet Kirstine, Maria, Sara and Annette, and I hope they keep blogging when they get … Continue reading “Danes, blogquestions and pork: April UBHH”

March UBHH: Awards & More

Last week’s Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour was, on my part, a bit of a failure. I forgot to print out a sign, I advertised too little and too late, and when I left early (had crack-of-dawn bus ride the next day), I neglected to collect the sign-in sheet with everyone’s blog address on it. Whoops. … Continue reading “March UBHH: Awards & More”

February UBHH

Last night’s Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour was attended by almost 20 people, both bloggers and the blog-curious. As Dennis says, we were sitting at an L-shaped table, which for some reason inhibited my picture-taking desires, but Pernille has an interesting photo up. Nominations for the 2006 Uganda Best of Blogs awards are in, the results … Continue reading “February UBHH”