jackfruit of the week (09.17.08)

This week I was offered a spot on the editorial staff The Morningside Post, Columbia University’s international affairs blog. I’ll be working a lot with outreach and video, as well as helping to roll out a shiny new design that will better showcase the variety of our content. I’ll also be blogging about media, technology and development (and maybe a celebrity or two). Meanwhile, I urge you to check out the wealth of archived posts on everything from climate change to Cambodia.

Jon Gosier wonders why Barcamp Uganda focused on selling, rather than discussing, new technology: “Barcamp Kampala was organized by myself (an American), a Dutch person, a Brit and a New Zealander with help from three Ugandan students. Thus it definitely had tons of Western influences. Alternatively, Barcamp Uganda was organized for and by Ugandans. Maybe the idea of Barcamp is a western thing that isn’t relevant to Ugandans?”

And lastly, another zinger from Vijay Prashad’s Darker Nations, which I mentioned last week: “The darker world contributed greatly to the development of Europe, and based on this evidence it is clear that the invisible hand is white.”

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